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With the new and innovative Coolief Cooled Radiofrequency (CRF) treatment Rogers Regenerative Medical Group can target your pain more precisely than ever before and ensure that you are still able to do everything that you want to do.

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How does Coolief, Cooled Radiofrequency work?

Coolief cooled radiofrequency effectively deactivates the sensory nerves that are responsible for sending pain signals to your brain. If you have suffered with chronic pain then you will know how debilitating it can be. Cooled radiofrequency is the ultimate pain solution.

An insulated probe will pass radiofrequency energy directly to nerve tissue forcing molecules to move which causes friction and heat. This heat deactivates the nerve ensuring that no pain signal is sent.

Cooled Radiofrequency means that you do not have to give in to pain.


Pain relief for longer
Take less time to administer


Treats an area 5 times larger
Making older RF methods outdated


Minimally invasive
Non-surgical procedure gets right to the source of the pain


Not as expensive as you think
Cooled Radiofrequency doesn’t have to break the bank – contact us to find out how little pain relief may cost

What is Coolief?

You may have heard of radiofrequency (RF) treatment. It was introduced to help patients deal with chronic pain in their knees, back and hips. Using RF, medical professionals were able to stop nerves sending pain signals to the brain for around three months.

This was obviously a big deal back when this was first thought of – but now there has been a revolution in the world of pain relief. Coolief cooled radiofrequency is an innovative updating of the conventional method that gives patients relief from pain for much longer – and it takes even less time to administer.
This minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure gets right to the source of the pain and nullifies it before it can have an impact. Thermal radiofrequency energy is transmitted through a small probe heating the tissue directly to stop the nerves causing the pain. The medical advancement with CRF is that water is circulated through the device while it treats an area of nervous tissue around five times larger than with the old, out-dated RF method.

What are the benefits?

On a very basic level cooled radio frequency:

 gives you extended pain relief – up to 24 months
• is a minimally invasive procedure
• means no need for hip or knee replacement surgery

Medications do not really effectively target the pain and surgery can mean a real change of lifestyle – and that’s just for patients who are chosen.

The real difference is between conventional radiofrequency treatment and this new, modernised version. There is simply no way you would even consider the standard treatment when you discover how much better Coolief cooled radiofrequency treatment is for you.

Standard radiofrequency has had its day. This revolutionary new method enables larger areas of tissue to be targeted – meaning that more sensory nerves are deactivated – meaning less pain. With standard RF the heat is concentrated on the probe but with CRF the heat is distributed further – meaning less probing.

By attacking a larger area, your doctor can also deal with variable nerve paths that are sometimes missed with standard RF. These hard to reach nerves are dealt with effectively thanks to CRF – and the water acts as a coolant to the tissue, ensuring that there is no damage either.


How does it work?

The intelligent beauty of Coolief cooled radiofrequency is that water is circulated through the probe meaning that a larger area can be targeted while the water cools the tissue, ensuring that there is no damage. With this updated method your doctor is able to alleviate pain faster – and with a better degree of control.
This non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure is ideal for getting on with life – and rediscovering that spring in your step.

Cooled Radiofrequency gives your doctor:

• a larger area to target
• more expansive distal projection
• better angle independence for the probe

Cooled Radiofrequency gives you:

• up to 24 months of pain relief
• improved physical movement
• less need for pain relief drugs

Watch the video to learn how you could get your swagger back!

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His impressive resume includes global qualifications gained at some of the finest institutions in the world. A degree in Psychology at the University of Delaware was followed by medical training at the University of Leuven in Europe, and further qualifications gained at the University of Maryland, the Free University of Brussels and the University of Leicester – including a Master’s of Science (MSc) in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging and a PhD in Exercise Physiology.

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