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Goldic Injections

Goldic Injections (Gold-Induced-Cytokines)

At RRMG, we are proud to offer Goldic treatments as part of our comprehensive range of services. Goldic, short for Gold-Activated Cytokines, utilises cytokines, proteins responsible for regulating cell growth and differentiation. These innovative Class IIb medical devices employ autologous serum, enabling treatments without side effects within the body’s endogenous system.

Goldic medical devices facilitate a unique approach to personalised medicine. They assist physicians in addressing inflammatory, autoimmune, and degenerative conditions while promoting natural, endogenous regeneration.

Understanding Goldic

Goldic represents a cutting-edge technology platform assisting doctors in treating various conditions. Its primary goal is to activate the body’s inherent healing abilities to repair damaged or injured tissue using autologous, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative cytokines (proteins).

Goldic means Gold-Triggered Cytokines, which are a diverse group of small proteins essential for cell communication, governing cell growth and differentiation. These proteins are integral to immune responses and inflammation regulation, stimulating the body’s natural regenerative capabilities.

Additionally, Goldic’s medical device technology concentrates vital growth factors and stem cell-specific factors such as GELSOLIN, G-CSF (granulocyte-colony stimulating factor), and SCGF-ß (haematopoietic stem cell growth factor-beta). This process results in a significant increase in Gelsolin, G-CSF, and SCGF-ß production in patients, surpassing the initial concentrations.

The Goldic Treatment Procedure

The Goldic treatment begins with obtaining blood samples from the patient. The blood is then processed using Goldic tubes containing custom-made gold particles and a unique filter to prevent the injection of particles, cells, and platelets along with the serum enriched with cytokines and growth factors.

Gold particles serve as catalysts during the incubation phase, stimulating monocytes to generate a comprehensive range of autologous cytokines, which is crucial to the process.

Following incubation, the Goldic tubes containing the patient’s blood are centrifuged to separate the serum from other blood components. The serum, rich in growth factors and essential cytokines, is prepared for injection. This concentrated serum is administered every 2-7 days until the treatment is completed.


What Are The Typical Uses of Goldic Treatment?

Goldic therapy is predominantly employed to address a variety of health concerns, including:

Are There Side Effects of Goldic Treatment?

The Goldic procedure utilises an autologous approach, which means while quickly self-resolving biological reactions such as local pain, heat, or swelling may sometimes occur, side effects have not been noted as the therapy involves the patient’s own biological materials.

What is the duration of a Goldic Treatment?

The Goldic therapy process necessitates a total of 5 appointments:


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