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Functional Medicine and Optimal Health

Functional Medicine focusses on identifying the root cause of symptoms and disease. Ituses an evidence-based holistic approach to examine how environment, lifestyle, nutrition and genetics interplay can lead to ill health, poor performance or delayed recovery.

Our bodies function as a set of interconnected systems which can either support or deplete one another. The aim of conventional medicine is to simply avoid disease and suppress symptoms in an isolated fashion, without consideration of how they impact one another and never asking the question WHY? In Functional Medicine we love that question. The aim is optimal health so we address fundamental causes by examining the body’s various systems as a whole and targeting the upstream causes of symptoms. This approach allows us to work with people on many levels, recognising that each person is an individual with unique requirements. The in-depth consultation, detailed medical history and cutting edge laboratory testing allows entirely personalised interventions which lead to real and lasting change to health and performance.

Whether you are dealing with debilitating symptoms and feel at the end of your tether, are looking to increase longevity and vitality, or you want to reach your maximal athletic potential, a fully integrated and individualised clinical approach with Functional Medicine and Nutrition can make the difference.

At RRMG we aim to provide the most comprehensive Functional Medicine care possible so you will be working with both our certified Functional Medicine doctor and our Functional Nutritional therapist to give you all the tools you need to achieve optimal health.

Functional Medicine and Athletic Performance?

As an athlete, you are already ticking the ‘get some exercise’ box and probably eating pretty well in order to fuel your training load. However, there is always room for improvement. Perhaps you are dealing with common symptoms like hay fever, PMS, bloating or disrupted sleep. Or you may be finding it tricky to combine your training programme with a known condition like IBS or autoimmunity? In all cases, your recovery and adaptation are already being compromised. Functional Medicine and nutritional therapy seek to rebalance systems so that you can get the most return for the hard work you put in at training. Underpinning all this is the need to maximise the availability of training time by avoiding illness and injury. A robust immune and repair system with sound nutrition is fundamental to reap the benefits come competition day.

Sports science and nutrition is a hugely complex field and often very difficult to navigate. Every week a new piece of research hits the internet extolling the virtue of one food, herb, diet or supplement over another. Unfortunately, much of the information is provided in isolation, making it hard for you to work out the ideal combinations for your particular situation and goals. Caution is required when selecting supplements/ products to avoid the risk of inadvertent doping from cross-contamination. This is where a Functional Medicine practitioner and the nutritional therapist is are worth their weight in gold: their wealth of experience enables them to analyse the research, look for bias or limitations, identify potential interactions/ side effects and source appropriately tried-and-tested products if needed. Your training programme is meticulously worked out and a fully individualised lifestyle and nutrition programme is designed to support this, so you leave no stone unturned.

What happens during a Functional Medicine Consultation?

We want to hear your full story, so prior to the consultation you will be asked to fill in a comprehensive health and nutritional questionnaire. This is used to map out your current health and your health history. During the appointment with Doctor Alex, you will be truly listened to so that we fully understand your health journey. Doctor Alex can then explain the mechanisms in play that are contributing to your symptoms and health, and create a totally personalised plan to address these. Appropriate functional testing will be discussed and recommended to further investigate root causes and tailor the interventions even further. You will leave with a plan in place that includes meal plans, lifestyle adjustments and a supplement regime.

You will then meet with the nutritional therapist who can explain in more detail the nutritional interventions and how to implement them as well as delineate any testing procedures and lifestyle changes.

What Can Functional Medicine Help With?

Unlocking full athletic potential

Optimising body composition

Any Long-term/Chronic Illness

Long-term Infections

Approaching Menopause

Problems with Fatigue

Autoimmune Diseases

Thyroid Disorders

Migraines and Headaches

Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Adrenal and other hormonal Disorders

Improving general health and wellness


Functional Medicine is ideally seen as a package of personalised care over a 12-week cycle but the following are available as individually priced sessions

– Cost of supplements and testing is not included in any of the prices listed

– RRMG takes no commission on tests and supplements, instead we pass on all practitioner discounts to the client.



90-minute Consultation with Doctor

60-minute Consultation with nutritional therapist


£2700.00 / 12 WEEK

Initial 90-minute Consultation with Doctor –A treatment plan is formulated along with a nutrition programme and initial core supplements to start taking whilst waiting for test results

Initial 60-minute Consultation with nutritional therapist — An explanation of the “How To” for the suggested testing, plus the specific details and explanation of bespoke food plans and suggested initial core supplements

30-minute check in coaching call with Nutritional Therapist at 2 weeks

60-minute Follow-up consultation with Doctor at 4 weeks with test results

30-minute check in with Nutritional Therapist if necessary at 4 weeks

60-minute follow up appointment with Nutritional Therapist at 8 weeks to track progress and implement any necessary changes

60-minute Review appointment with Doctor at 12 weeks

All investigations, functional or metabolic testing are charged separately



Nutritional Therapist 45-60 minutes £100/hour

Doctor No significant test results to review, 45 minutes £330

Doctor 1 significant functional testing panel to review, 60 minutes £495

Doctor 2 significant functional test results to review, 90 minutes £550

Sports Specific Bolt-Ons

(Available on any plan)

Competition specific meal plan - £60

Periodised training specific food plans - £80

Periodised training specific food plans - £80

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