Dr Raquel Delgado

Dr Raquel Delgado

Raquel Delgado

Dr Raquel Delgado


Raquel Delgado is a General Practitioner (GP) with over 20 years of clinical experience caring for adults and children. Raquel is an empathetic doctor who is known for her holistic approach to patient care. Raquel believes that one size does not fill all and healthcare should be individualised and patient centered. Raquel trained in Spain as a doctor and completed all her postgraduate training in the UK. She speaks both English and Spanish. She likes spending time with her children, hiking  , and going to the gym. She also enjoys comedy, theater and musicals

Dr Delgado can help you with :

Weight Loss Management
Obesity assessment
Women’s Health including menopause , contraception and sexual health
Common ailments like viral and bacterial infections, allergies , urinary infections
Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis and management
Management of chronic conditions like asthma , hypertension, metabolic health
Organising blood tests
Blood test results interpretation
Organising investigations like radiology, ultrasounds, MRI
Electronic prescriptions
Medical Certifications




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