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Lipogems Therapy

At RRMG, we offer Lipogems therapy as part of our extensive service portfolio. Lipogems is an innovative technology that capitalises on the extraordinary regenerative capacity of your body’s own adipose tissue, supporting your body’s innate healing processes. Our specialists use cells extracted from your body to create an injectable solution made from your own fat reserves, offering cushioning and support during your body’s natural healing phase. It’s an ideal treatment for patients with moderate osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and other tendon and soft tissue injuries. Lipogems can offer significant relief when traditional approaches such as physiotherapy or steroid injections fail to provide substantial relief and daily life activities remain limited.

Understanding Lipogems

Lipogems therapy represents the latest technology in regenerative treatment, providing an advanced solution for orthopaedic conditions including joint pain, arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, and more. As a minimally-invasive treatment option, Lipogems injections can be an effective alternative to surgery, depending on your specific condition and injury. The therapy uses cells within our fat, including stem cells, pericytes, and adipocytes, to aid in the repair and reconstruction of damaged tissue, providing support and cushioning to your body’s tissue.

The Lipogems Treatment Procedure

The Lipogems procedure begins with the removal of a small amount of fat using minimally-invasive techniques. This harvested fat is then processed through the Lipogems device, which breaks down the fat and filters out blood and other undesired structures, leaving behind a concentrated mix of reparative cells, or Lipogems. These Lipogems are then injected into the site of injury. The procedure, which only requires local anaesthetic, typically lasts about an hour.

Preparing for Lipogems Therapy

Being a day-case procedure, Lipogems does not require general anaesthesia. Prior to the treatment, you may be advised to abstain from food and drink for a specific duration, and to cease taking certain medications. This advice will be discussed in detail with your specialist.

Post-Treatment Care and Expectations

After receiving a Lipogems injection, it is common to experience moderate pain, swelling, and soreness. However, these symptoms can be effectively managed with rest and over-the-counter painkillers. More demanding activities can typically be resumed 1 to 2 weeks following the procedure.

Improvements can generally be observed within two to eight weeks post-treatment, although this may vary depending on the severity of the initial injury. Achieving optimal results also depends on active participation in physical therapy.

Alternative Treatment Options

In addition to Lipogems therapy, there are alternative treatments for joint pain, tendon injuries, and arthritis. These options range from other minimally invasive procedures, such as injections, to more extensive interventions like total knee or hip replacement surgeries. The optimal treatment for you should be determined in consultation with a specialist orthopaedic surgeon.

At RRMG, our priority is to provide personalised, cutting-edge healthcare solutions that work best for you. Lipogems therapy is a testament to our commitment to innovative and effective treatment strategies, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care.


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