You don’t have to be a professional athlete to be treated like one

Interdisciplinary Medicine at Rogers Regenerative Medical Group (RRMG)

RRMG DoctorsSo here’s the deal. If you fall ill or need medical advice, the conventional route to diagnosis is usually via a consultation with a qualified medical professional who will use their expertise to treat you to better health.Fine. But what happens if you have complex health conditions that require a second opinion to accurately pinpoint problems that all too often contribute to illness and disease and are maybe beyond the speciality of your first chosen consultant? Complicated and contrary, right? Not necessarily.

At Rogers Regenerative Medical Group (RRMG), we take a different, more holistic approach. As an interdisciplinary team of consultants, each with their own distinct area of expertise, we collaborate to provide the precise medical care you need from the get-go.
Fundamental to our patient-led philosophy is a belief that dream work is teamwork. There’s no breast-beating that one form of treatment or specialism is more relevant than others. Instead, we combine the collective expertise of our consultants to shape treatment plans that work best for the people that matter most – our patients – and are both safe and effective but also don’t compromise the integrity of each clinical provision we offer.
Led by our founder, Dr Ralph Rogers, this unique approach was baked into the vison for RRMG when it was formed in 2018.

Few sports medics have the vast wealth of professional experience of Dr Rogers. Before setting up RRMG, Dr Rogers worked for several UK sports organisations including: The Football Association, Chelsea FC, Walsall FC, Warwickshire County Cricket Club and Birmingham Bullets basketball team.
Internationally, he is a medical advisor to one of the world’s best-known sports leagues, the National Basketball Association (NBA) – not least its international outreach work in Europe and especially Africa, a continent where he has been recently appointed medical director of the Kenya Premier League and is proud to have introduced Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine to Nigeria. He has also been medical advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago 2006 World Cup football team.

Fortified by an unshakeable ethos that belief is everything and that to improve ‘you must educate yourself, prepare yourself and never take no for an answer’, Dr Rogers has travelled the world to learn about the latest cutting edge, minimally invasive and nonsurgical sports and orthopaedic medical techniques in order to provide the best treatments available.

Underpinned by an enduring philosophy that ‘you don’t have to be a professional athlete to be treated like one’, RRMG’s focus isn’t solely concentrated on elite athletes but patients from all walks of life and the opportunity to help people change their lives for the better.
Our core team includes gynaecologist Giada Frontino, osteopath Emanuele Calabrese and human performance experts Drs Kunle Odetoyinbo and Richard Mackenzie.

Dr Frontino specialises in women’s health with a strong interest in the transition phases of adolescence and perimenopause. Giada addresses patients symptoms, such as irregular periods or menopause problems in order to help them regain their hormonal health and wellbeing. Giada’s specific training in adolescent gynaecology and adolescence-related conditions means she has a caring and empathetic approach to easing her patients’ anxieties and fears and the ability to offer tailored care which is frequently commended by her patients. She also carries out preventative work including well woman check-ups, gynaecological ultrasound scans and sexual health assessment.

Mr Calabrese is a specialist in rehabilitation with significant experience in treating acute and chronic pain, headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunctions, back pain and sports injuries. Highly trained in performing fascial, visceral, neuromuscular and cranio-sacral techniques, Emanuele recognises the importance in diagnosing and planning bespoke treatments for each patient and including their own unique bio-psycho-social challenges.

Human performance experts, Drs Kunle Odetoyinbo and Richard Mackenzie, offer cutting edge services that are designed to help patients understand and improve their metabolic health and/or endurance capacity, supporting weight loss in key phases of our lives such as the perimenopause and andropause. Fatigue is a typical treatment target for Dr Mackenzie and Dr Odetoyinbo for patients who have an active lifestyle and who wish to regain their wellbeing.

Whether patients are aiming to take 30 minutes off their marathon PB, seeking to achieve significant weight loss or fend off disease, they offer the most effective methods to help you learn more about your metabolism, including how to measure your resting metabolic rate and body fat and shape a personalised and targeted approach to improve your metabolic health.
Using the latest medical and scientific techniques, their services are suited to people concerned about health and well-being, including patients with a family history of cardiovascular disease,diabetes or obesity and they can help to reduce the risk of developing debilitating diseases. Assessments include metabolic DNA and blood examinations, resting energy expenditure, maximal rate of fat and carbohydrate utilisation and body fat measurement (DEXA) that will guide you to a healthier and more active version of yourself.
How do our specialists work together as a team at RRMG? The key is effective communication among our consultants to shape and inform collective decision-making on diagnoses, treatment and management of our patients’ health.

We recognise a single intervention on its own may not be sufficient to provide effective treatment and we collaborate to deliver a fully connected, holistic and rounded service that is designed to address each facet of our patients’ health and well-being resulting in the best patient healthcare possible.

It is an ethos built on integrity, transparency and trust – a sincere approach across all RRMG activities, shaped by the career credentials and experience of Dr Ralph Rogers and his team. Our continual quest to discover new techniques and make a genuine commitment to constantly push the boundaries of medicine, performance, health and well-being services and ensure the very best and latest range of options are always available to reflect a pragmatic approach to patient care.

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