Why are my periods irregular?

Are my cycles irregular?

Irregular cycles occur when the gap between your periods keeps changing. This can mean you get a period less than 25 days apart or more than 40 day apart.

Is it ok to have irregular periods?

While it is normal to sometimes have irregularities of your periods, if they keep happening you should speak to your Gynaecologist. If any other aspect of your menstrual cycle has also changed, you should keep track of when your period begins and ends, including the amount of bleeding and whether you pass large blood clots or have noticed pain worsening.

What causes irregular periods?

Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight, a BMI below 19 or above 24, dieting (low/zero carb diets), intense physical activity, stressful events and illnesses often have an impact on the menstrual cycle. You should notice your periods returning to normal once stress and lifestyle factors have normalised.

If the irregular periods keep occurring, contact your Gynaecologist so that these are assessed properly through an examination and a pelvic ultrasound scan.Your Gynaecologist will also order blood tests to assess your hormones and to rule out medical disorders which may be causing the irregular cycles.

The most common findings in persistently irregular cycles are thyroid disorders and diabetes or the metabolic syndrome related to polycystic ovaries. Specific blood tests will also help assess how your ovaries are working and test for premature ovarian insufficiency.

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