Joint Pain is an area covered by Sports and Orthopaedic Medicine. Our Consultants are expert at the diagnosis, treatment and management of Patients with Joint Pain including Osteoarthritis

We help patients who are experiencing pain in the following joints and are seeking a diagnosis and relief from their symptoms.

This pain can be caused by osteoarthritis (OA) but there may be other causes

Knee Pain

Ankle Pain

Lower Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Elbow Pain

Hip Pain

Hand and Wrist Pain including Carpel Tunnel

The Diagnosis of Joint Pain

We recognise that suffering from joint pain can be immensely frustrating as the chronic pain and discomfort negatively impacts upon the patient’s quality of life.

The diagnostic process includes

What Is Osteoarthritis (OA)?

Osteoarthritis is caused as “natural lubricant” cartilage wears out and the rough surfaces of the bones begin to rub against one another leading to the joint becomes painful, stiff and inflamed. OA usually develops after many years of use, which is why it normally seen as a “wear and tear” condition affecting people who are middle-aged or older and is more common in women than men. A family history of osteoarthritis and a previous injury to a joint can also increase the risk . Being overweight also puts extra strain on the joints and this can be managed by lifestyle factors too.

Common Reasons for Patients seeking help for Joint Pain
  • Joint pain during exercise/physical activity,
  • Stiffness of the joint
  • Loss of function in the joint

  • Crunching sound or grating sensation in the joint

  • ‘Giving way’ of the joint

  • Pain above or below the affected joint

Treatment options will include

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