A Scientific and Medical Approach to Improving your Health

A game-changing approach to understanding your health

All humans are uniquely different in terms of our biochemistry, anatomy, metabolism and genetics. Hence the global growth of personalised health and precision medicine. How we influence our metabolism through our diets, exercise and general life-style patterns all have a very big impact on our metabolic health and how this changes as we age. Research tells us that what we eat, for example, can either slow or increase the development of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. In addition, we all respond very differently to exercise, and to get the most out of our bodies (in terms of exercise performance or health), we must train appropriately. There is a popular interest in muscle mass development yet science tells us this is not always great for our metabolic health.

At Rogers Regenerative Medical Group, we are able to directly diagnosis your metabolism to help you target weight loss or improve your marathon running time. We can provide an in-depth analytical profile of your body composition (using DEXA imaging) to help you understand just how much fat you store and how this changes over time.

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment

Our resting metabolic rate assessment not only offers a game-changing alterative to estimated values used to predict your metabolism from algorithms, but also provides an accurate and personalised measure of fuel preferences, in terms of calories and grams of fat or carbohydrate you use. In addition, our genetic screening offers a detailed outline of your body’s preferred source of fuel (fats, carbohydrates or protein), recovery nutrition as well as revealing your body’s response to key genes associated power or endurance potential, allowing a deeper understanding on how best to train your body, whatever your personal goals may be. Combining this with direct measures of VO2max, lactate threshold and exercise efficiency, we can help you target a better and healthier you to reach your potential and avoid diseases in the future. Don’t leave your health and well-being to chance.

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