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Let us introduce the RRMG Weight Management Program, our new evidence-based program. Our strategy is based on an innovative, holistic approach which is focused on personalisation.

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We all have physiologies, lifestyles and food preferences that are unique to us. Tailoring the program to your specific needs is essential to reach your weight-loss goal. Our team will work with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that these needs are met. We provide an eight-week diet plan and exercise recommendations based on your DNA profile and your personal food preferences.

DNA Testing

Your personal genetic profile affects your weight. If you have had trouble losing weight in the past, it could be because your lifestyle isn’t compatible with your genetic profile. The DNA test will help us figure out the optimum diet plan and exercise routine that works for you. (Initial consultation)

Anthropometric Measurements

To measure your success we will need some starting points including height, weight, waist circumference.

Body Composition Analysis

We will be using the DEXA scan to measure body composition. The DEXA scan is the gold standard for body composition analysis. 

DEXA Scans

The DEXA scan gives a precise measurement of body fat and muscle mass and provides the information necessary to build a bespoke nutrition and fitness plan.

It works by processing a detailed and accurate analysis of body composition and gives an exact distribution of the fat and lean mass in your body.

The DEXA scan is incredibly low-risk and has a lower radiation exposure than both CT and x-rays. This means it is safe for the technician doing the scan to stay in the room with you.

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Dr Mackenzie has over 15 years of experience of helping people with a range of health related issues, including obesity, to help them better understand their metabolism to encourage weight loss. In addition Dr Mackenzie also works with aspiring athletes to help them achieve their training goals, target performance weaknesses as well as improve over aerobic and metabolic performance.

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