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Aerobic fitness assessment

Aerobic Fitness Assessment

The full aerobic fitness assessment measures VO2max and lactate threshold using the latest Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPEX) equipment in a relaxed and friendly environment. This data will be collected at our Harley Street clinic and will allow for training to be guided to your specific goals or perceived weaknesses. In addition, it is also possible to gauge the second lactate turning point (often referred to functional power, race pace or maximal lactate steady state) during the metabolic measurement section of this assessment. Data measured during this assessment can be used to produce specific heart rate training zones for weight loss or to improve human performance. This assessment offers a full understanding of aerobic performance while offering guidance on training individualised weakness in aerobic capacity.

Our Packages

Exercise Performance & Aerobic Testing Clinic

  • DNA performance testing
  • Lactate Threshold Testing
  • Functional Power
  • VO2max Assessment
  • Heart rate / power profiling
  • Exercise Economy
  • Substrate Utilisation
  • Energy Expenditure – During Exercise
  • Detailed Performance Report & Training Zones / recommendation

Exercise Performance & Fatigue Testing Clinic

  • Fatigue blood profile
  • DNA performance testing
  • Lactate Threshold Testing & VO2max Assessment
  • Energy Expenditure – at rest & during exercise
  • Substrate Utilisation – carbohydrates, fats and protein use
  • Detailed performance & blood Report (recommendations)

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