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Health Promotion & Preventive Medicine

Prevention is Better Than Cure

The old proverb is true; “Prevention is Better Than Cure”. And this philosophy is never more apt than when applying it to your own personal health.

The Health Promotion & Preventive Medicine service aims to promote and maintain good health and well-being, prevent disease and reduce the chance of disability. This service combines public health skills with knowledge of primary, secondary and tertiary care prevention strategies.

Disease prevention involves specific interventions aimed at avoiding contact with the disease and decreasing risk factors for disease. Where this is not possible, we use treatments to minimise any harmful consequences of the disease process.

Health screening is a major component of this service and involves routine testing to see if you are at risk of developing future health problems.

Knowledge is power, and thus our goal is to educate patients about their own health. We endeavour to clearly communicate accurate, useful, health-related information to patients. This enables patients to develop their knowledge of health issues, and give them the capability to solve their health problems through their own initiatives. Empowering patients in this way is crucial to help them make the right health choices and improve their overall wellbeing. We move beyond a focus on purely individual behaviour to considering a wide range of social and environmental factors that could influence health.

We focus on six main areas of disease:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases (heart attacks and stroke etc.)
  • Cancers
  • Respiratory Diseases (e.g. chronic obstructed pulmonary)
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity and Weight Management
  • Mental Health

A major determinant of your wellbeing is the amount of knowledge you have about health issues, but also your attitude and desire to bring about positive change in your life.

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