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Ann Lloyd Keen

Case Study

I have been a clinical nurse for more than 30 years and more recently I have worked in academia. Over my career, I have witnessed many changes and improvements within science, medicine, and rehabilitation.

Recently I had the opportunity to have a consultation with Dr Ralph Rogers at his London clinic. We discussed my chronic pain due to Osteoarthritis in my right knee; most activities of daily living created difficulty and pain. I was to have a knee replacement as I understand my condition had reached stage 4.

It was obvious to me that Dr Rogers had knowledge and passion about his ability to make a difference to my pain with his new treatment, Lipogems. Dr Rogers suggested I had this treatment, so after a full explanation and opportunity to discuss with Dr Rogers and also a Clinical Nurse specialist, I went ahead with the procedure.

Fat was removed painlessly and then prepared using my abdominal fat cells. The cells were then injected into my knee joint. It was a very straightforward procedure with little discomfort.

The result, I am delighted to say, is excellent. I am now pain-free and much more mobile, I continue to have advanced physiotherapy to improve my condition. I want to praise Dr Ralph Rogers for having the knowledge but also, most importantly, the courage to pioneer this innovative treatment.

Thank you Dr Rogers.

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