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Body Image Causing Unhappiness In Children

A recent article has stated that British children are among the unhappiest in the world – and negative perception of body image is largely at fault. The article claims that children in England are less satisfied than their counterparts in developing countries,...

Prostate Cancer: Get Clued Up

Every once in a while you read a great article that stirs you to your core. I would like to praise Angela Epstein who interviewed Professor Roger Kirby, Director of The Prostate Centre in London, for her fantastic interview with Professor Kirby in the Good Health...

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The latest craze to take the internet by storm – our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds have been inundated with sodden, screaming people soaking themselves with icy water – what a way to fundraise! The amount of people (including some high-profile celebrities;...

The Dangers of Sugar

In a recent report it has been stated that sugar is as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco and it goes on to state that Britain’s obesity crisis could be reversed within five years if food companies reduce sugar in products by 30%.  Wow! This is an incredibly surprising...

Notting Hill Carnival – Staying Safe

I am always up for a good party, as many of you who grew up with me can remember the three-day parties at 104 High Street. But since those days things have changed and it’s more important than ever to be aware of your personal safety. Notting Hill Carnival is one of...
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