Sport is an integral part of modern life – from watching the professionals to maintaining our personal wellbeing, it can’t be denied that sport and sports medicine are now intrinsically infused with our culture.

Sports, Medicine & Life will attempt to dissect the huge variety of sporting and medical issues that impact us on a day-to-day basis. From the effects of exercising on chronic disease, to the financial implications that winning and losing has on our community – this blog will keep you up-to-date with the most relevent, exciting topics of the moment.

Sports and medicine can even influence our opinions on social and cultural issues.  All you have to do is mention names such as Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson, the Williams sisters, Magic Johnson, OJ Simpson, Tiger Woods or “The Greatest“ Mohammed Ali (to name but a few), to understand the impact sport has on our lives. These legendary individuals have shaped the way we feel about our health, our sports and our lives, through decades of iconic performances that will live in our memories forever.

We know you want to talk about football. This blog will host in-depth discussions about the Premier League, which is no doubt the most exciting football league in the world. Last weekend’s thrilling final push for the title, seeing Manchester City lift the trophy, is testament to the passion, skill and prowess on display throughout the competition.

We can not fail to address the greatest sporting events in modern history, such as the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. These sporting spectacles shine a light on how countries use sports in both positive and negative ways, from improving the health of the nation, to sports-based propaganda.

From national to local issues, historical events to cutting-edge interviews – we have all the resources to make this blog entertaining and informative. It’s the ideal hub for sports lovers and sports professionals.

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