Leaders in Regenerative Treatment


Leaders in Regenerative Treatment


Lipogems is cutting-edge technology that harnesses the powerful healing capacity of your own adipose tissue to support your body’s natural regenerative process. The cells removed from your body are used to create injectable tissue made from your own adipose tissue reserves that can be used to provide cushioning and support as your body heals. It is a suitable treatment for patients with moderate osteoarthritis and those with sports injuries or other tendon and soft tissue injuries and where physiotherapy or steroid injections have not provided significant relief and daily life is still limited. Sometimes PRP injections are also administered at the same time to enhance recovery.

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Dr. Ralph Rogers

Consultant in Regenerative Orthopedics

Dr. Kunle Odetoyinbo

Performance and Health Consultant

Dr. Edward Williams

Consultant Specialist in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Dr. Emanuele Calabrese

Osteopathy Specialist

Dr. Farhana Sonday

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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