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Mr G from Manchester (Lipogems)

Thanks for your email. I’m doing fine. 3/10 with 10 being the worst.


Mr K from Scotland (Lipogems)

Am very pleased with how the treatment has enabled me to have a normal life so a huge thank you to Dr Rogers!


Mr P from Essex (Lipogems)

Excellent, I have recommended to lots of others.


Mr H from London (USGI)

I have been feeling pretty good since my consultation and have had no problems. 


Mr M from Chigwell (Lipogems)

I played for an England over 55’s  team and scored our only goal so I guess Ralph can claim an assist!In summary I’m feeling pretty good!


Miss H from Essex

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for seeing mum today.  She hasn’t stopped smiling yet !


Mr R from London (Steroid Injection)

When I attended the consultation, Dr Rogers was both friendly and professional.

He quickly determined the path required to diagnose my wrist injury, and once diagnosed, swiftly administered an effective treatment.

When I had a follow up question, a few days later, he quickly responded.

As a result, the treatment he provided completely cleared the problem.

Will definitely recommend him to friends and family.


Mrs C from Essex (USGI)

I cannot tell you how much of a difference having my injections today has made.  I just feel I can do so much more because I have no pain!  I can get up from a chair without toppling forward it’s amazing. I can’t believe being pain free allows me to me to do everyday things so easily again.


I thank Dr Rogers with all my heart for what he has done for me. Thank you Dr Rogers I admire you so much.


Mr B from London (PRP Procedure)

Thank you all once again. you are an amazing team
Kindest regards and best wishes to all of you


Mrs S from London

Everything is just good after the appointment. 

Thank you so much for your email and I thank again Dr. Rogers from the deepest of my heart. 


Mrs P from Norfolk (Cellular Matrix Injection)

I was hugely pleased after seeing Dr Rogers as he told me I needed gait re-education and together with the injection, I am upright and progressing.


Mr B from Wansford (Lipogems Procedure)

My knee is excellent.


Mr E from London (Lipogems Procedure)

For 6 months before the treatment walking alone was a burden and now since there has been a huge improvement. 

I have a full range of movement and am practicing yoga every day- prior it was impossible to even kneel.


Mrs M from Coventry

I have to say its been a pleasure dealing with you and Dr Rogers.  Your support and empathy have been greatly valued. 

I must say Dr Rogers is a rather special chap and I wish him and all the team the very best for the future. 


Mrs R from Chertsey

Thank you so much, you are a super star.

Really appreciate you going the extra mile this morning.



Mrs T from London (PRP Procedure)

Can you kindly share this with Dr.Rogers and thank him again so much for his passion and help.

I am thrilled with the results.  And thanks for talking me through it all!


Mr Z from Saudi (PRP)

All is well, and pls convey my regards and appreciation to Dr. Rogers. 


Mr F from Chislehurst (Lipogems Procedure)

Thank Ralph for me and tell him so far so good.

Fingers crossed it will stay that way!



Mr Z from London (Shockwave Therapy)

All is well after the ESWT. Initial bruising and slight tenderness are already fading, and I look forward to experiencing the benefit of the treatment over the ensuing weeks.


Mr R from London (USGI)

Today, no pain, no swelling, no reaction.  Thank you so much for your excellent work in resolving the injury.


Mr B from London (PRP)

May god bless your kind and caring heart.  You are a true example of the oath of healing, deepest gratitude.


Mrs W from London (Cooled RF Treatment)

All is going well, the pain in my foot has gone. Please thank Dr Rogers for this amazing treatment.


Mr M from Scotland (Lipogems)

Please pass on my best wishes to Dr Rogers.

I am still playing golf regularly.  I have to state that the treatment definitely works my hands have definitely improved significantly.


Ms T (Lipogems)

The results already from this procedure have been exactly what I needed. Day to day I have no pain at all being a 1 on your scale. I am able to go to the gym and dance again. After a long day of exercise my knee will be aching/slightly sore more like 4/5 on your scale but the next day it feels absolutely fine again. Whereas before I couldn’t even get through the exercise and it would be hurting for days afterwards.  

Please thank Dr Rogers on my behalf. 

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