If you’re suffering from a serious sports injury and need expert treatment, you can now be seen by one of the world’s leading sports doctors in Windsor.

Dr. Ralph Rogers, Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine consultant, recently opened an orthopaedic sports medicine clinic in Windsor. He uses his wealth of experience to effectively tackle chronic pain and acute discomfort caused by sporting injuries.

First-class sports medicine performed by NBA’s medical advisor

Having been the first team doctor for Chelsea Football Club, Dr. Rogers has become renowned for his ability to provide first-class treatment plans and give patients back their mobility – enabling them to continue sport pain-free.

Dr. Rogers is currently the medical advisor to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and prides himself on his knowledge and experience of sports medicine.

Sports injuries can be difficult to diagnose and treat properly meaning you can be out of action longer than needed. Having a sports injury assessment with a leading sports medicine doctor ensures you get the right treatment for your injury, fast.

Dr. Rogers is now able to provide his extensive and professional expertise in sports medicine at his clinic in Windsor. His procedures include:

  • Lipogems treatment – Cutting-edge technology using patient’s own adipose tissue (fat) to relieve pain caused by osteoarthritis and sports injuries.
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) – PRP uses patient’s own blood for healing muscle, tendon and ligament injuries. It can significantly reduce pain and scarring compared to other treatments for sports and orthopaedic injuries.
  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) – A non-surgical procedure for soft tissue. It’s used in sports medicine for musculoskeletal conditions. This treatment can enable patients to return to normal activity faster than some other options.
  • Ultrasound guided steroid injections – Helps to reduce musculoskeletal pain relating to tendons.
  • Coolief Cooled Radiofrequency (CRF) – Helps patients deal with chronic pain in their knees, back and hips. Is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure targeting the source of pain. CRF can stop pain signals to the brain for around three months.

Sports injury consultation with Rogers Regenerative Medical Group

Being seen quickly for a sports injury is important to your recovery. Now, you can visit RRMG at the new sports injury clinic in Windsor or at our clinics in Canary Wharf and Harley Street. We understand how important assessing your injury is.

Getting the right diagnosis will aid recovery time as well as the healing process and get you back to what you love doing faster.

Cost of a sports medicine consultation with Dr Ralph Rogers

An initial consultation at RRMG’s sports medicine clinic in Windsor costs £250. Any additional fees will be discussed, and the pricing structure will always be transparent and fair.

How to book your sports injury assessment

If you would like more information on sports medicine from RRMG at the Windsor clinic, email or us to book a sports injury assessment: pa@rrmg.london or book online