Best Knee Supports For Knee Pain & Injuries

Knee supports are used to stabilise joints, provide relief from knee pain (whether caused by injury, arthritis or another chronic condition), and protect the knee from injuries, like ligament damage. Looking for your first knee sleeve? Or maybe you’ve tried them in the past and been disappointed. Read on for some of the very best knee supports on the market, as recommended by leading sports and orthopaedic physician, Dr Ralph Rogers.

Dr Rogers has years of experience helping athletes and non-athletes alike reduce chronic and acute pain. Having worked as First Team Doctor for Chelsea Football Club, Musculoskeletal Consultant, and Medical Advisor to the National Basketball Association (NBA), Dr Ralph Rogers has intricate, first hand knowledge of what is needed to help reduce pain from injury and chronic conditions.

“Knee pain can be debilitating, but the right joint support can make a considerable difference to sufferers of chronic or acute pain. Years of experience in sports medicine has allowed me to source some of the very best knee supports on the market. When knee support is required, I recommend use of the Bauerfeind supports to my patients.

“Forget tubigrips, this is a new generation of advanced knee support designed with attention to detail: a great fit, effective pain relief, and unrivalled support and performance. The GenuTrain and GenuTrain P3 knee supports are both developed to take into account the specific needs of those suffering with different knee conditions.”

Best knee supports for knee pain


Does your knee feel weak, swollen or painful? The GenuTrain helps to relieve pain, and stabilise the joint to achieve faster mobilisation. Since it was originally developed back in 1981, the GenuTrain knee support has undergone continuous development to make it one of the very best knee supports on the market. It does this through a combination of carefully designed features.

A functional visco-elastic Omega pad surrounds and supports the kneecap to relieve pain in the knee and connective tissue, whilst spiral stays on the side of the brace help keep the knee supported and help the product to keep its shape and fit. Carefully designed meniscus wings provide pain relief and the special ‘Hoffa’ pads below the kneecap provide light support for what can be a common area for knee pain.

Comfort is key and so there is soft cushioning in the back of the knee for added flexibility and the fabric is both moisture wicking and easy to wash for convenience. Unlike some other brands, the high quality fabric provides a secure hold for the knee joint and won’t lose its shape after being washed.

The GenuTrain knee support has an anatomical fit, comes in a range of different sizes, and a choice of colours including: titan, natural, black, blue.

GenuTrain knee support can be used for:

  • Irritation (tendomyopathy, ligament insertion degeneration, meniscopathy, osteoarthritis, arthritis, post-traumatic and post-operative)
  • Recurrent joint effusions
  • Feeling of instability
  • Knee strains or sprains
  • Recurrent knee pain
  • Pre and post-operative knee swelling and inflammation
  • Adolescent knee pain
  • Osgood-Schlatter’s disease
  • Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis)

GenuTrain P3

The GenuTrain P3 is a specialist advanced knee support that helps to activate musculature, and relieve pain caused by misalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralization), anterior knee pain and pain linked to patellar tip syndrome. 

Developed to be an active knee support, the GenuTrain P3 is designed to accelerate the healing process. The corrective guide stops the kneecap from moving to relieve discomfort without affecting mobility and the corrective strap provides fine-tuning for kneecap control. The muscle-relaxing pad simultaneously reduces pulling of the kneecap and relaxes the muscles by massaging them. Additionally, the patella cover works to counteract any tilting of the patella. 

Similar to the GenuTrain, the GenuTrain P3 also features the soft ‘Hoffa’ pads which relieve strain below the knee, and the ring-shaped soft pad to stabilise the kneecap and relieve strain on the area under the knee, which is an area where people frequently experience pain.

The GenuTrain P3 comes in variety of sizes, with the option for left or right knee, and in a range of colours: titan, natural and black.

GenuTrain P3 knee support can be used for:

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (chondropathy, chondromalacia)
  • Patellar tip syndrome (patellar tendonitis)
  • Lateralization of the patella (dislocation tendency)
  • High-riding patella (patella alta)
  • Feeling of instability
  • Anterior knee pain
  • After lateral release surgery

If you have any questions about the GenuTrain or GenuTrain P3, you can call the Ralph Rogers shop on 0207 112 5402. If you are in need of a different joint support, please don’t hesitate to take a look at our other high quality products in our online shop.