Want to smash you PB? Calling all keen athletes, marathon runners, cyclists, and sports enthusiasts, we can help you up your game.

We know training can be hard, especially when you’re unsure of your current fitness level and what you need to improve on. So, we’ve developed evidence-based metabolic performance testing to help you achieve your goals.

What is metabolic performance testing?

Metabolic performance testing is an in-depth, personalised fitness assessment. It tests essential areas of your health and fitness to help identify weaknesses. Armed with this invaluable information, we can guide you through the right training to improve your performance.

Many athletes undergo regular metabolic performance testing to make the right alterations to their fitness regime. Fitness testing can also be an excellent option for people looking to lose weight.

Metabolic testing will give you the following information:

  • Clear stats for your current fitness level.
  • Identify areas delaying your performance.
  • Metabolic issues which could lead to future health problems.
  • Training recommendations to improve your fitness.

What to expect during a metabolic performance assessment?

During your one-to-one appointment in our stylish new Windsor clinic, our experienced specialists will listen to your concerns about your current fitness and health. They will then take all required measurements of your body.

Depending on your chosen fitness and performance testing package, you will undergo an extensive range of tests, including:

  • Aerobic fitness assessment – This full aerobic fitness assessment measures VO2max and lactate threshold.
  • Lactate threshold test – Our experts can directly measure your lactate threshold in response to exercise. The running speed or power output during cycling offers a strong predictor of fitness and performance.
  • Substrate utilisation and energy expenditure assessment – This technique allows our exercise physiologists to measure the maximal rate of fat utilisation and total energy expenditure. This assessment can also monitor the effects of training and help plan for nutritional intake to match energy expenditure.
  • Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) – A VO2max assessment will allow athletes to accurately gauge their aerobic (fitness) levels, monitor the effectiveness of training and should be part of any good fitness assessment.

Following your tests, our experts will provide you with a comprehensive analysis from your session, including a training plan and nutritional recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness and performance packages

At our clinics in Windsor, Canary Wharf and Harley Street RRMG offers two personalised fitness and performance packages:

Exercise performance and aerobic testing package

This includes the following tests and costs £2,080:

  • DNA performance testing
  • Lactate threshold testing
  • Functional power
  • VO2max assessment
  • Heart rate / power profiling
  • Exercise economy
  • Substrate utilisation
  • Energy expenditure – during Exercise
  • Detailed performance report and training zones / recommendation

Exercise performance and fatigue testing clinic

This includes the following tests and costs £2,290:

  • Fatigue blood profile
  • DNA performance testing
  • Lactate threshold testing and VO2max assessment
  • Energy expenditure – at rest and during exercise
  • Substrate utilisation – carbohydrates, fats and protein use
  • Detailed performance and blood Report / recommendation

So, if you’re looking to reach the next level in your fitness and achieve your performance goals, we would recommend booking a consultation with Dr. Ralph Rogers at his Windsor clinic to discuss your nutritional needs and training regimes.

Cost of fitness and performance testing consultation with Dr Ralph Rogers

An initial consultation at Ralph Rogers’ metabolic performance testing clinic in Windsor costs £250. Our fees are always transparent and fair, and we will keep you updated if additional costs are required.

How to book your metabolic performance testing

If you would like more information on metabolic performance testing from Dr. Rogers at his Windsor clinic, click here or email to book your fitness testing: pa@rrmg.london