Dr. Emanuele Calabrese

Dr. Emanuele Calabrese

Dr. Emanuele Calabrese

Osteopathy Specialist

A former professional basketball player, Emanuele is a passionate and enthusiastic Italian Osteopath

Emanuele discovered Osteopathy and benefited from it, during numerous injuries of his sports career. This taught him to understand how frustrating is to feel pain and not be able to perform his favourite activities. Emanuele firmly believes that everyone deserves a pain-free life and this interest in the latter has led him to deepen his studies in pain management.

Emanuele’s professionalism, passion and non-judgemental approach are part of his everyday clinical practice. ​His motto is “Everyone is different, and therefore has to be treated differently.”

Emanuele has significant experience in treating:

  • Acute and Chronic pain conditions
  • Headaches and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) dysfunctions
  • Back, neck pain and sports injuries
  • Pre and Post partum women

He is highly trained in performing Fascial, Visceral, Neuromuscular and Cranio-Sacral techniques.

​”For me it is really important to diagnose and plan a bespoke treatment for each person, always considering their bio-psycho-social challenges.”

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