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While there are health benefits to the immune system, this only touches the surface of what the essential nutrient Vitamin C can do for your health.
The most famous vitamin, Vitamin C is commonly associated with having a cold and drinking orange juice, but what are the benefits of vitamin c in your wellness and weight management plan.

A water-soluble vitamin, excess Vitamin C is excreted through the urine, making it difficult to overdose, as opposed to the sunshine vitamin D which is a fat-soluble vitamin.  However, this does mean that you need a constant supply, as you body keeps very little on hand in your liver, stored up for a rainy day.

As mentioned, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and great supporter of the immune system. Acting as a natural antihistamine, it has been demonstrated to shorten colds and reduce their severity.  This reduction of histamine levels can also help with allergies and asthma.  Some take these benefits to the extreme and recommend a ‘megadose,’ which can be 2 grams (or 40 times the recommended daily allowance).   Though overdosing is unlikely, there appears to be a therapeutic limit of 2 grams, which if exceeded often leads to upset stomach.  More and more research is appearing which indicates that these megadoses may not actually be very helpful and can be a bit harmful.

It’s also an important part of collagen, which is a crucial part of the wound healing process.  Any time you get a cut, collage form in it before the scab to pull the wound shut and Vitamin C makes this happen.Cancer prevention also comes to mind when thinking of Vitamin C.  It has antioxidant properties that keep the DNA of cells form damage and mutation.  Strong cells are an important defence against cancer, along with overall good health.  It is this same antioxidant nature that helps the eyes and prevents cataracts from forming.Vitamin C deficiency is a problem rarely seen anymore.  While this leads to scurvy, only 10mg can prevent it, making it a disease more of the bygone pirating and sailing days.  Today, smokers are recommended twice the recommended daily dose.  Equally, pregnant woman and those on oral contraceptives tend to have a lower than normal blood levels of Vitamin C and are recommended to increase their intake.

This great vitamin can be found in a multitude of foods: mostly fruits including melons, citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and lime, strawberries, mangos and kiwifruit.  However, a downfall of Vitamin C is that it is easy to destroy.  Transport, processing, handling, and storage can all work to reduce the available nutrition amount.  Therefore, it’s best to eat these fruits or juices as fresh and as unprocessed as possible.  A supplement can also be taken to top up your daily amount or to boost your immune system during a cold.

Don’t forget, the foods mentioned above are only part of a balanced diet that should also include whole grains, proteins and vegetables.  A diet rich in vitamins and  essential nutrients can go a long way in creating a healthy lifestyle and promoting weight loss.

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