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The Truth about Reparative Medicine

Dr Jason Hammond, Maryland USA, said: “Over the past 15 years, there has been a large advancement in orthopedic medicine with reparative medicine. We transitioned from using bone marrow to fat cells. Bone marrow has been and is a very good source of cells but surprisingly there is strong basic science that shows that fat has a higher number of reparative cells. Fat is also easier to get from the patient.”

“I started offering this to my patients that were frustrated with the current conservative treatment options. Conservative treatment options can only do so much and we need to manage the patient’s pain and lessen the impact that it has on their daily activities.

“Many patients are suffering from orthopedic pain and are   not ready for invasive surgery like a total joint replacement. They are also looking for longer lasting options to cortisone injections and that have less side effects. This is why using an individual’s own fat tissue to help them heal is appealing.”

“Your own fat has so many reparative cells that may assist with the healing of your orthopedic condition. The fat is used to provide cushion and support into the area. The simple procedure cleans the patient’s own fatty tissue using only saline and concentrates the fat tissue cells into smaller clusters to help heal their muscle and joint conditions. The Lipogems system   is cleared by the FDA for use in orthopedics and has strong science behind the technology.

The Power of Fat

Fat is crucial for your health and the reparative cells help to promote a healing environment in response to a tissue injury. Inside of your own fat, there are many different types of cells that are used for healing (including pericytes, adipose derived stem cells, adipocytes, etc). All of these cells need to stay together to work as a functional unit like it does naturally in the body.

Simple and Minimally Invasive Procedure

“My patients say that they can easily tolerate the harvesting procedure because I use a local anesthetic. This eliminates need for general anesthesia. The recovery from the procedure is minimal compared to an invasive surgery” said Dr Hammond. “Lipogems has strong basic science and it’s a minimally invasive option for patients that are not ready for an invasive surgery.”

Richard’s Story

Richard, a Lipogems patient, said: “I’m retired and my knees have been bothering me for 7 months. My wife and several others saw Dr Hammond and everyone spoke highly of him and said that he is an all-round great guy. When you get recommendations from people like that, that’s what you follow. Last November, I saw Dr Hammond and he told me about Lipogems and using my own fat for my knee. I told him to take all of the fat you want! Use your body to heal your body made sense and I’m glad that I didn’t have a foreign object put into my body. There was minimal discomfort or pain during the harvesting procedure because they numbed the area with lidocaine. My wife had a knee replacement and I recovered 1/10th of time compared to her. I can live my daily life and do all the activities well and spend time with my wife. My wife is now looking to get Lipogems injected into her hip. LipoLove by Lipogems is the greatest thing since peanut butter!”

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