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We all know that too much sugar can lead to health problems like obesity and diabetes.  It’s impacts your weight and your body’s ability to maintain it.

Low-Fat options

It’s easy to pick up low-fat items from the store and believe that you’re making a healthy choice.  Yes, the overall fat content will be lower in the food, but as it’s often fat that creates the flavour of foods, how do they make this now bland food tasty?

By adding lots of sugar and sugary substances the additional sugar will boost the flavour and keep you buying more.  This is not to say that all low-fat foods are cavities waiting to happen.  Just be wary of what you’re buying and compare the labels to see hat you’re getting.

Yogurt (link to yogurt article) is a great source of probiotics and calcium.  The pitfall with yogurt is that more often than not it is laden with sweeteners.  Anything other than plain yogurt will have some additional flavour, such as strawberry, vanilla, or honey.  Some of these flavour can add up to 20 grams or 5 teaspoons of sugar per serving!  That’s a lot of sugar for a ‘healthy’ snack.  Rather that scooping up flavoured yogurt, try adding fresh fruit or cereals to plain yogurt.  You can also mix plain and flavoured yogurts to have a bit of the added flavor but with less of the sugar.
Energy drinks

Many of us guzzle a can of Red Bull or a Lucozade if we’re feeling a bit tired to perk us up.  The problem with these drinks is the energy it gives comes almost entirely from the huge amount of sugar in them.  Liquid will go almost directly to your gut to be digested, whereas food takes a few hours longer in the stomach before it will hit the intestines for absorption.  A sugary drink will release all of its sugar into your body very quickly, giving you a sugar rush.  A small can of Red Bull has the equivalent of 7 spoons of sugar in it where as a small bottle of Lucozade contains a whopping 13 spoons of sugar!  No one I know would eat 13 spoons of sugar in one sitting, yet many think nothing of downing an energy drink.

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