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He was unreal as a player and his greatness has continued well into retirement…

In 1980 I visited Michigan State University (my Dad’s Graduate School Alma Mata) because I was thinking of going to Medical School there. That was also the year a young man named “Magic” Johnson lit up the USA College Basketball League. As a sports lover, I was intrigued – so I went down to their basketball practice. As I sat down I recall saying out loud, “so where is this ‘Magic’ Johnson?” then I saw this guy dribble the full court, go between his legs, around his back and then a dunk – all in a flash. “That has to be Magic…”

What a player. Today, between patients, I was thinking back to this moment and where the NBA is today. It brought to mind CNN’s recent interview with Magic which made it clear that he is an even a bigger man after retiring.

Check out the interview on CNN.

Yes, the NBA is going through some issues and yes, Magic is in the middle of it, at no fault of his own… but the way he has handled the situation is truly remarkable. This interview in particular is a testament to the kind of man that Magic is, and the admirable demeanor he possesses.

If you don’t know what’s happening in the NBA, let’s just say that it’s not just the play-offs. Google it. The controversy is truly incredible and something that European Football could maybe learn from.

Without going in to detail, there was a major racial incident and the NBA, to the league’s credit, has dealt with issue quickly and decisively. It’s all part of the social change in America.

After watching Magic’s interview I got caught in nostalgia and just had to watch some of his career highlights. He was without a doubt a sweet, silky, smooth player that could dish [pass] the ball like no other in his generation. When you went to see Magic play you were truly entertained.

Sit back and check out four minutes of Magic:

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